Security mode with too high reception field strengths of the Mobifinder5 LTE
Deliveries Mobifinder5 to 31.08.2017 to serial numbers 108601
MOBIFINDER5 ID 101310-(5)
We have significantly increased the sensitivity, i.e. the detection range of the MOBIFINDER5 for GSM and LTE. This means that the electronics must be protected against excessively high reception field strengths. We would therefore like to point out that in the test and in the operation of Mobifinder5 the distance to be sent mobile phones should not be less than 2 meters.
If the distance is less than 2 meters, the MOBIFINDER5 can switch to the safety mode if the receiving force is too high, so that no permanent damage to the mobifinder occurs.
The safety mode means that the sensitivity of the mobifinders is reduced, so that the detection range is only a maximum of 1.. 2 meters.
The security mode does not turn off automatically.
In order to switch off the safety mode, the Mobifinder must be switched back to the active mode (acoustic, vibration or optical).
No security mode necessary at Mobifinder5 LTE from September 2017
MOBIFINDER5 ID 101310-(5) from serial numbers 108602
By improving the MOBIFINDER5 Receiver no security mode is necessary.
All new Mobifinder5 from September 2017 are automatically protected against too high field strengths. The Mobifinder no longer switch off the sensitivity at too high reception field strengths, so that no activities are required.
The MOBIFINDER5 receivers can be retrofitted free of charge if necessary.
The MOBIFINDER5 must be sent to the address. Within a week the MOBIFINDER5 will be refitted and sent back.
!! Attention that does not affect the Mofinder4 ID 101310-(4)!!