The use of mobile phones can impair the proper functioning of electronic equipment. This is particularly the case in security areas, where the use of mobile phones is often prohibited. Enforcing  the ban can only be guaranteed if the use of mobile phones can be verified.

mobifinder® is an innovative and simple to use mobile phone detector which securely identifies  and records mobile phone signals in a restricted area. Personnel in the security area equipped with mobifinder® receives an alert as soon as a mobile phone begins transmission.  Appropriate security measures can then be put into effect.


Main areas of application

Airplanes and Airports
Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and medical laboratories
Fuel depots and petrol stations
Other security areas

Features and functions:

 mobifinder®4 3G 4G 5G is able to cover a wide range.
Free field tests showed a maximum detection distance of 50 meters in 4G or 5G mode. The detection distance in buildings is restricted, especially if the walls consist of ferroconcrete. Typical values in this case are around 15 meters.
With the service key the detection trigger level can be set in the range 12…78dB.
 mobifinder®4 3G 4G 5G New!
mobifinder4 can now also reliably detect smartphones that are sending modes in the 5G band n1 in the DSS.

The following mobile devices are recognized:

mobifinder®4 UMTS 3G 5G
Mobile phones that transmit in the UMTS1900 – 3G network and in the 5G band n1 (DSS).

mobifinder®5 LTE/GSM   2G/4G/5G
Mobile phones that transmit in the LTE800 and 1800MHz – 4G network and in the 5G band n3 (DSS).
Mobile phones that transmit in the GSM900 and 1800MHz – 2G network

Types of mobile phones  and work mode of mobile phones
to be detected
LTE/4G mode (832…862MHz uplink)
GSM, LTE/4G  mode (880…915 MHz uplink)
GSM , LTE/4G/5G mode (1710…1785MHz uplink)
UMTS/3G/5G  mode (1920…1980 MHz uplink) ( only mobifinder4)

Main functions

mobifinder®recognizes mobile phones working in transmission mode.
mobifinder® registers single bursts of a transmitting mobile phone which appear
example at the location update.
mobifinder® can register any chosen surrounding area.
mobifinder® gives no false alarms in the case of other sources of disruption.
mobifinder® detects mobile phones which are of GSM/LTE/ UMTS  (2G, 3G, 4G)

Use of mobifinder®

mobifinder® is small and handy. Flight and operational personnel, as well as security guards, can clip the mobifinder® to their clothing.
A clip fastener has been designed so that it can be worn on the breast pocket or belt.
LED and LCD indicators are arranged so that signals can not go unnoticed.
An acoustic signal with adjustable volume can, if required, be switched off.
An in-built vibrator mechanism enables the alarm to be transmitted silently.
A 6-digit identification number can be selected by customer for identify series of measurements.
Simple menu-driven parameters setting.
mobifinder® is battery-powered. The period of use without battery change is approx. 150 hours using the “power on” mode. Battery change without loss of data.
Black box recording function. Received signals are successively stored together with a time-stamp. This makes it possible to protocol all mobile phone activities in order to analyse the information at a later date.
Portable dustproof case equipment
Weight: approx. 80g (with batteries)
Dimensions (mm): 57 x 49 x 19
3 buttons for setting and acknowledgement mode
loudspeaker for acoustic alarm
Red LED for visual signaling
Vibration mechanism for silent alarm


mobi-PC Kit
mobi-Power Set