mobi-PC Kit

Data acquisition and data processing for mobifinder®

Simple recording of all alarms including date, time, field strength and an user selected identification for security protocol and flightreports for Laptop or PC.

Simple report generation through integration of measurement data in text or table

processing programs (automatic creation of protocols)

PC Kit

Automated time- and date alignment of mobifinder®

Management of mobifinder® key functions  “set user level”.

mobi-PC Kit enables simple data acquisition of all mobifinder® recorded measure values. Values can be transmitted to PC and stored into a data file or transmitted to other programs (e.g. spread-sheet-programs or data base systems.

Main functions

mobifinder® recorded data can be transmitted to PC and stored there.
automated time function.
simplified operation mode possible.


mobile device with standard RS 232-cable
Useable for Laptop and PC
Power supply by battery or plug-in power pack
Operation by PC
PC Software (on CD-ROM) included (simple installation)


dimensions (mm) 103 x 178 x 48
weight 420g
LED shows operational readiness
Battery compartment ( 9V )
Sub-D -gland for data com to PC
socket for power supply through power supply unit

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